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Design-Aid Calculators

CAP-XX has three downloadable spreadsheets to aid in supercapacitor and pulsed load design.


Please note that these spreadsheets are a design guide and should not be regarded as a substitute for the thorough design work required to achieve the best result.


They are based on the assumption that the components in the model circuit are ideal, and behave as such. In practice, the effective capacitance available at various frequencies, temperatures and currents (and even at different voltages) may vary. Designers should consult CAP-XX before finalizing their designs.


Fixed Power, Pulsed Load Simulator (Excel, 1.3MB)
Fixed Current, Pulsed Load Simulator (Excel, 1.3MB)

The circuit simulated by these two spreadsheets consists of a supercapacitor in parallel with a battery (or voltage source with internal impedance). This "hybrid" system is subjected to a load consisting of a constant-current or constant-power drain, plus a repetitive pulse of fixed current or fixed power. Please refer to the "Read Me First" instructions before using this Simulator, and turn on "Iteration" in the MS Excel settings to calculate the steady-state response. 

Voltage Decay, Backup Power Simulator (Excel, 500KB)

The circuit simulated by this spreadsheet consists of a supercapacitor initially charged to a certain voltage and with a load imposed on it, beginning at time t = 0. The load, which may be either a fixed current or a fixed power, is present for the duration of the simulation. The simulation runs for a time T. Please refer to the "Read Me First" instructions before using this Simulator.


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