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Ruggedized PDA

Ruggedized PDAs

Ruggedized PDAs used in manufacturing, industrial and commercial field operations, face a critical shortage of power, particularly at low temperatures. The power pulses needed for the radio frequency transmissions can overload existing batteries. Additionally, the peak current required for add-on thermal printers or new display technologies such as OLED also contribute to excessive loads. This overload situation quickly lowers voltage and triggers premature shut-down (leaving spare energy in the battery), thus decreasing connection time and the useful life of the battery.

A supercapacitor, working in tandem with the battery, discharges its power during peak loads and recharges between pulses. It delivers the power needed to operate the PDA for much longer periods, enables memory back up and battery hot-swapping capabilities, and reduces excessive battery load which extends its life cycle.

CAP-XX supercapacitors can also be used to enable battery hot-swap and eliminate battery 'chatter' or momentary loss of battery power that can occur when the unit is dropped, both are key to this market. Additionally, our supercapacitors have been shown to double the battery life of some products at cold temperature (critical to this market since they are used outdoors and in unheated warehouses). Our products also eliminate most of the noise at 217Hz caused by GSM/GPRS pulses, a key issue since many customers add GSM after the product has been designed.


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