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Successful development of commercial portable electronic devices, especially those with wireless functionality, is greatly dependent on the ability to effectively miniaturize power components while increasing energy and power density. With the demand for battery power systems to be light and small but still provide long run times, supercapacitors are a critical enabling technology which allows OEMs to meet these objectives at a competitive cost.
CAP-XX supercapacitors can be used alone or in conjunction with batteries to create advanced power solutions for a wide range of commercial devices. These low ESR products can handle transient power bursts efficiently for better quality communication, and deliver high energy storage for a steady-state load that improves service duration – all in a small, thin, form-fitting package.

Ruggedized PDAs Ruggedized PDA

Ruggedized PDAs used in manufacturing, industrial and commercial field operations, face a critical shortage of power, particularly at low temperatures. The power pulses needed for the radio frequency transmissions can overload existing batteries. Additionally, the peak current required for add-on thermal printers or new display technologies such as OLED also contribute to excessive loads. This overload situation quickly lowers voltage and triggers premature shut-down (leaving spare energy in the battery), thus decreasing connection time and the useful life of the battery.

A supercapacitor, working in tandem with the battery, discharges its power during peak loads and recharges between pulses. It delivers the power needed to operate the PDA for much longer periods, enables memory back up and battery hot-swapping capabilities, and reduces excessive battery load which extends its life cycle.

CAP-XX supercapacitors can also be used to enable battery hot-swap and eliminate battery chatter” or momentary loss of battery power that can occur when the unit is dropped, both are key to this market. Additionally, our supercapacitors have been shown to double the battery life of some products at cold temperature (critical to this market since they are used outdoors and in unheated warehouses). Our products also eliminate most of the noise at 217Hz caused by GSM/GPRS pulses, a key issue since many customers add GSM after the product has been designed.

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Automated Meter Readers (AMRs)AMR

In an effort to reduce the costs of manual meter reading, utility companies are investing in AMR systems with up to a 20-year useful life. The latest generation of AMR devices, however, uses advanced technology with much greater power demands. These systems must accommodate the growing variety of high-current pulse applications and the higher power needed to log on to LANs and for central systems to access the meters from greater distances.

The long life batteries typically used in these applications cannot deliver large currents. CAP-XX supercapacitors work in conjunction with long-life batteries to provide the peak power needed to operate AMR systems. With their extended operating temperature range (-30°C to +85°C), reduced size, low ESR, and environmental friendliness, CAP-XX supercapacitors can provide the peak power for data transmission, preventing voltage sags at the battery and thus enabling all the energy to be extracted from the battery, prolonging unit life.

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Medical DevicesMedical Devices

Demand is increasing in the medical device market for pulse power solutions in appliances such as insulin pumps. There is also a growing medical telemetric market that will couple GPRS with other technologies such as GPS, accelerometers, and temperature sensors in wearable devices for patient location, medical alerts, data acquisition, or the controlled release of medications.

CAP-XX supercapacitors meet the low ESR, low noise, and size limitations of these small devices. Coupled with their ability to provide back-up power and extend the useful life of the main battery system, the flexibility and environmental friendliness of CAP-XX supercapacitors make them particularly suitable for patient care and medical monitoring.

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Location Tracking Devices Location Tracking Devices

Industrial tracking devices are subject to harsh conditions, constant vibration, low maintenance circumstances, and power supply challenges. What’s more, the battery power system must support global positioning, communications, and sensor functions without the aid of an outside power source.

CAP-XX supercapacitors, working together with long-life batteries and alkaline batteries, provide the additional power needed to run tracking and sensor applications simultaneously, function effectively in a wide temperature range (-30°C to +85°C), recharge rapidly, and reduce excessive battery load and thus the battery replacement cycle.

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Automotive Applications

Supercapacitors are seen as an enabling technology for resolving critical vehicle power requirements. Driving operations such as ignition and acceleration require significant bursts of power. While banks of batteries can be used, they are very bulky (oversized and over weight) and not well suited to power-burst applications. In general, the advantages of supercapacitors over batteries in the automotive market include their reduced size and weight which yields both design and cost improvements, their operating temperature range, and their ability to absorb and deliver energy very quickly.
CAP-XX is not currently pursuing automotive engagements but will continue to evaluate this market as industry research progresses.

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