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Wireless appliances are increasingly feature rich and power hungry. Mobile telephones, personal digital assistants and wireless network cards all use high peak-power pulses when transmitting that can overload existing batteries and modem card power sources. The answer has often been to design in overly large batteries sized for peak power.
Because this option has a size and weight penalty in device design, engineers need more innovative power solutions that satisfy the power-pulse demands and size/weight requirements of these devices.
With their small, thin form factor and high energy storage capacity, CAP-XX supercapacitors are ideally suited to meet the power-pulse needs of wireless components and appliances. Additionally, their low ESR and high capacitance values extend battery run time, reduce design costs through component elimination, and enable a rapid time to market.

PCMCIA and Compact Flash PCMCIA and Flash

Wireless devices capable of delivering 2.5G, 3G, 802.16 and 4G communication services face a critical shortage of power. Pulse transmissions generally exceed the power limitations of wireless modem devices such as PCMCIA, CompactFlash®, USB and mini PCI cards, leading manufacturers to seek components that consume less power and even add batteries to the products

CAP-XX supercapacitors actually enable battery elimination while providing the high current pulses needed for wireless transmission. These small, thin devices permit low temperature operation and reduce EMI noise to improve transmission reliability and signal quality.

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Mobile Phones Mobile Phone

Competitive pressures have driven mobile phone manufacturers to achieve superior power management results – best battery cycle life, standby performance, shortest charge time, smallest size and minimal weight. But mobile phones have high power demands when transmitting data. During transmission, pulse power trains cause battery voltage to sag and efficiency to drop, ultimately shortening the battery’s useful life.

CAP-XX supercapacitors optimize battery utilization by buffering power demand and smooth fluctuating loads, thus increasing mobile talk time and battery longevity. These devices operate in extreme temperature conditions, and can be charged/discharged thousands of times without degradation. CAP-XX supercapacitors also enable a simple GSM phone solution with excellent talk-time using standard AAA or AA alkaline batteries enabling new applications such as 911 phones wherecost and long shelf life are critical.

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Ruggedized PDAs Ruggedized PDAs

Ruggedized PDAs face a critical shortage of power, particularly at low temperatures. The high pulse power needed for the radio frequency transmissions or new display technologies such as OLED can strain existing batteries. This overload situation quickly lowers voltage and triggers premature shut-down (leaving spare energy in the battery), thus decreasing overall communications time and the useful life of the battery.

A supercapacitor can eliminate this problem. Working in tandem with the battery, the supercapacitor discharges its power during peak loads and recharges between peaks, provides the support power needed to operate the PDA for much longer periods, enables memory back up, battery chatter recovery, and battery hot-swapping capabilities, and reduces excessive power load to extend the battery’s life cycle.

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Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks enable long-term environmental monitoring or object tracking through large numbers of unconnected sensor nodes. Because of their large deployment, sensor nodes are expected to be inexpensive to manufacture, small in size, and able operate for many months.

While standard consumer AA or coin-style batteries keep sensor nodes active for up to a year, CAP-XX supercapacitors can work with the battery configuration to extend the life of each node by providing peak power during transmissions as needed while easily conforming to form factor limitations. Supercapacitors are also an excellent power storage solution solar cells, thermoelectrics, and other alternate power solutions for wireless sensor devices.

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