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CAP-XX Products: A Technology Overview

CAP-XX products are the result of pioneering supercapacitor research, materials expertise and superior production technologies. The Company teams with CSIRO, Australia’s largest research body, for world-class expertise in carbons, polymers, electrochemistry, and materials science, and partners with Invetech to utilize the innovative product and manufacturing processes.

CAP-XX Technology DiagramCAP-XX’s breakthrough technology makes it the first company to tailor its supercapacitors to achieve a wide and continuous range of time constants. Devices are produced over a wide spectrum of time constants (as related to response time) to suit specific applications with the right combination of high power and energy densities.

The CAP-XX supercapacitor is a single cell rated at 2.25V. Each single cell device consists of layers in pairs. Dual cell devices are designed to meet specific customer applications and are rated at 4.5V and 5.5V.

The current product mix includes a range of 20 dual cell products with customized layers, two footprint sizes, and two electrolytes. This provides wide coverage of ESR, capacitance and size for a wide range wireless, consumers and commercial applications.

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